Gu Family Book OST Full: Now Released

Gu Family Book Full OST

Finally! The long wait is over. LOEN Entertainment has released the finale and full Original Soundtrack of Gu Family Book (Kang Chi, The Beginning) last June 24, 2013. Fans of this Korean drama has been excitedly waiting for this soundtrack since last week.

The Gu Family Book OST consists of 45 tracks. The 1st CD has 13 tracks while the rest of the songs are covered in  the 2nd CD. The cover of the soundtrack features the main characters from Gu Family Book.

This soundtrack also includes   Last Word, Don’t Forget Me, and Best Wishes to You which are performed by Lee Seung Gi, Suzy and Choi Jin Hyuk , respectively. All these three artist are part of this Korean drama.

The song, Last Word is written and composed by the multi-talented Lee Seung Gi — who plays the the role of Kang Chi, the main character of the drama.

Last Word was first released as a single on May 27, 2013.

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The Tracklist: CD1

» iTunes » Mediafire 1) My Eden  by Yisabel
» iTunes » Mediafire 2) Love Hurts (사랑이 아프다)  by Noel’s Lee Sang Gon
» iTunes » Mediafire 3) Spring Rain (봄비) by Baek Ji Young
» iTunes » Mediafire 4) Best Wishes to You (잘 있나요) by The One
» iTunes » Mediafire 5) Don’t Forget Me (나를 잊지 말아요) by Bae Suzy
» iTunes » Mediafire 6) Last Word (마지막 그 한마디) by Lee Seung Gi 
» iTunes » Mediafire 7) Only You (너 하나야) by 4MEN 
» iTunes » Mediafire 8) Will You Be My Love Rain? (나의 사랑비가 되어줄래) by Shin Jae
» iTunes » Mediafire 9) Love is Blowing (사랑이 불어온다) by Lee Ji Young
» iTunes » Mediafire 10) Spring Rain (봄비) (Acoustic Ver.) by Baek Ji Young
» iTunes » Mediafire 11) My Eden (내 안의 낙원) by Yisabel
» iTunes » Mediafire 12) Best Wishes to You (잘 있나요) (Acoustic Ver.) by Choi Jin Hyuk
» iTunes » Mediafire 13) Gu Family Book (구가의 서) by Various Artists

Tracklist: CD2 (updated July 9, 15)

» Mediafire 1) 천국의 문
» Mediafire 2) 비조  Mediafire
» Mediafire 3) The Life and Myth
» Mediafire 4) The Land of Idea
» Mediafire 5) The Beaded Bracelet (염주 팔찌)
» Mediafire 6) About Death
» Mediafire 7) 예뻤구만
» Mediafire 8) The Death Road March
» Mediafire 9) Angry Fox
» Mediafire 10) Moonlight Garden (달빛 정원)
» Mediafire 11) 반인반수
» Mediafire 12) Root of Evil
» Mediafire 13) The Rough Breath
» iTunes     14) Sympathy
» Mediafire 15) Kill That Beowulf
» Mediafire 16) (신수의 폭주)
» Mediafire 17) Root of Evil (Piano Ver.)
» Mediafire 18) Before the Storm
» Mediafire 19) 여우와 춤을
» Mediafire 20) Fill Sorrow
» Mediafire 21) Red Sun
» Mediafire 22) Eagle Fly Free
» Mediafire 23) Libera Me
» Mediafire 24) Tears of Flower
» Mediafire 25) 회란초
» Mediafire 26) The Death March Road (Piano & Scat Story)
» Mediafire 27) Gu Family Book (구가의 서) (Piano Story) Yoon Han
» Mediafire 28) 해학의 서
» Mediafire 29) 짧은 인연
» Mediafire 30) 눈물의 노래
» Mediafire 31) 취혼주
» iTunes    32) Evil Eyes

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