Boys Over Flowers: Season 2 on February 2010 Confirmed! [Deleted]

This will be my last post about the rumored “Season 2″ unless the news breaks from KBS itself. Just a warning, this news may/may NOT be true. I have included a screenshot of the article just in case you are interested.

Today’s ending of the 25 episodes of the popular drama, Boys Over Flowers had obtained large amount of support from the audience. As such, the author of the drama announced a good news: Boys over flowers season 2 will be out next year February.

The drama initially did not have high viewership, but because of the raising popularity of the drama after that, he decided to plan a season2 for the drama.

The suspense left at the end of episode 25 was actually a hint that there may be season 2 for Boys over flowers.

source: jpopasia


  • Anonymous says:


  • Cristy says:

    I knew that the series couldn’t end without JunDi getting married (and SoEul kissing! I want that kiss so badly.). February 2010 is too long a time from now, though; it should come out in fall of this year.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but KP Culture said this is also an April Fool’s joke posted by a journalist.

  • Anonymous says:

    that’s false. because first of all, season 2 already showed. episodes 1 – 12 was season 1. Season 2 was ep. 13 – 25. From the storyline of the drama, i think every plot from the manga has been shown so there’s no way they’re randomly going to pull up another plot using the same copyrighted name. Sucks but yea =/

  • it’s a joke?! :’(

  • Hannah says:

    we can’t tell.. there are websites that says it is.. there are some that confirms it.. we don’t know yet.. :’(

  • Anonymous says:

    That should be a joke because the author of the original Manga and the publisher announced that they would not allow anyone to produce any works (dramas, movies and animations) based on the Manga for two years from now on.

  • hhahahah.. lets just wish for the season 2..
    but I think the KBS should seize the moment while the F4 is still hot in the mass..
    Especially now that it will be broadcast all over asia who bought it.
    And if this through the manga author should have a consent

  • paola says:

    noooooo what a bad joke!! I want more F4 land!!

  • Anonymous says:

    it might be true, since the japanese version had a movie ;) with a wedding too so let’s hope for that to happen in korean version

  • Anonymous says:

    NOOOO I wish that’s real!!!I want a proper ending for my soeulmates!!! please pd you can just make a film as hana yori dango!!!please please

  • NinnaK says:

    Im from Malaysia, and I just loveeeeee this drama and i so hope the season 2 will be out sooner then feb2010

  • Anonymous says:

    So, is this for reals or fake?

  • Anonymous says:

    나 OH 아이쿠!!! 그것은 빨리 나와야 한다! 나는 1월 디디뮴과 GA EUL 키스 이가 결혼할 것을 보아야 한다 ….. 이… 이 joong… 이 jung… 부당한 김!!!! 이것이 소변을 보기 위하여 가는 에이프릴 풀 농담 IM 인 경우에! 한숨 I 사랑 꽃보다 남자 많게…
    mmmm translation… if boys before flowers is going to end im going to be very pissed!!! i just love boys before flowers it cant end because i want to see “kim bum” (idk hid characters name) kiss ga eul! reall bad and i want to see Jan Di’s wedding!! im from california..
    im half korean and half white….
    so to all those full koreans out there…
    please dont make fun of my improper korean 감사하십시오!! ^^

  • Anonymous says:

    no…this cant be true!!!! :((
    the japanese and the taiwanese remake had 2 seasons plus the hana yori dango final movie…meteor rain…this is unfair so sad..
    it is such an excellent work why not let it be longer!!!

  • Hannah says:

    i also hope that there will be a season 2.. or even a movie will do. Just like the Japanese Hanadan ~ i hope that KBS will at least give us a happy ending [read as: wedding]


  • Anonymous says:

    can we write to the KBS station and maybe they will respond to the public!

  • Anonymous says:

    im so excited for the season 2 next year!!!!:DD

  • Anonymous says:

    ow please confirm it true.huhu I need more SOEUL!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I want ot see more…Kim so eun and Kim bum together..i’m not satisfied i season 1……i hope it will be in season 2….i hope they will do better…and the song are wonderful in season. i hope they will do it in season 2…

  • Anonymous says:

    We need to se more and more Soeulmates……..

  • Anonymous says:

    ei.! i want to see jan di and jun pyo’s wedding.! :(

    s der season 3??????

  • Anonymous says:

    The SEaSon 1 iS too sHort

  • Anonymous says:

    in Other f4..,.they showed the wedding event.,.
    y ?here in boys over flower is not.,.,they did not show the wedding of the two.,.so,,i hope that there will be season 2,.,.!!!!!!

  • jaaaam says:

    Ithink that there will be a season 2 for bof cause now, it is being watched by my classmates, and now , the starts of bof is shooting for it , they are in ep.4 already.

  • jellyloves. says:

    well, there should be a season 2 ryt? cuz in some ver. of BOF, they showed the wedding of the two while this BOF korean ver. just showed the proposal. && i haven’t even seen yi jeong and ga eul kiss. well, they’re about to, but, the friggin’ cellphone of ga eul rang. UGGGHHH! and i want a scene like that for them to happen! && one kiss would be enough! so i really hope they’ll make a BOF season 2. Yaa! director guy, pls. be nice and have BOF a season 2 for all DIE-HARD BOF fans! *preeeeeeetty PLEAAAAAASEEEE*

  • Anonymous says:

    why no one tell us if this true or not

  • venice says:

    we want more for Boys Over Flowers! :)
    there should be season 2!
    if meteor garden and hanayori dango had season 2 then atleast! Boys Over Flowers should also have their season 2!! :) it we make us all happy. for R-E-A-L! *obsessed muchhh*

    just pleassssssseeeeeee! make a season 2! :( :)
    i always love seeing Gu Jun Pyo and Guem Jan Di together. :) awwww. wish I was Jan Di. :)) *feeling much*

    oh k. let’s move on.


  • Anonymous says:

    im really crying now for the not knowing what is true, i really want to know if there’s season 2, coz’ i can’t sleep, coz honestly i’m in love with lee min ho, coz of his smile and he is so handsome… and the ending kills me. its totally vague. i wanna know what if they get married, and to the love story of gai eu… i want a happy ending story. i’m really looking forward for their season 2 i miss them all.

    ps, email me at

  • Anonymous says:

    season 2 please?

  • Trisha says:

    I know. I want season 2 too. :/

  • Anonymous says:

    what a joke … :|

  • Anonymous says:

    please any one tell us the true about the second season next year right or not

  • Anonymous says:

    I want Season 2. :| Season 1 was too short. I wanna see Jan Di & Jun Pyo`s wedding! :((

  • Anonymous says:

    go go korean f4

    season2 please!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    KOREAN DRAMA still the best after all
    BOF is indeed worth remembering

  • bluenyz says:

    ..well,, there’s nothing wrong if there will be a seasn 2 or so watever… so wat’s the commotion about..

    ..but if there’s none,, sorry to all of us… huhuhu

    .. but pray that someday,, there will be a big announcement that there will be another season of BOYS OVER FLOWER!!!

    ..but i really want to see also JUN PYO and JAN DI’s married life,,, and the lovelife of the other cast…

    .. LEEMINHOlic Forever!!!!

  • bluenyz says:

    ..i love KOREANOVELAS!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    if its nOt true..!!

    then they are all nuts..!!
    that’s all…!!!

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…
    love to hear that ^^

  • Missy05 says:

    Hey guys! are there any petition online I could sign for the request of Boys over flower season 2 request?

    I do love Boys Over Flower and I was really hoping for a sequel… I want to see Jun Pyo and Jandi get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SEASON 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(but of course with the same casts!)

  • Aviara says:

    please visit my blog
    thanx ^_^
    i’m also a BoF FAN!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope the next season IS NOT GOING TO adapt the taiwanese version!! I HATTEEE THAT VERSION SO MUCH. I think making jun pyo (or dao ming shi in taiwanese) become amnesia is just a stupid thing and it doesnt make sense at all! this drama should be focused more on both Jan di and Jun Pyo’s relationship. I want more of their relationship’s story since they havent had a chance to develop it (especially with all the obstacles and problems). NO MORE INTERVENTION from other girls or guys, pleaseee.. I want the love story. Not the complicated one. Thats what I love the most from this drama!

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait for BOF Season II!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I want to see Gu Jun Pyo and Geum Jandi get married..i really can’t wait! =)

  • Anonymous says:

    i’m hoping more of SoEulmates! I-Want-A-Kissing-Scene!! I’m hoping it’s not a joke, though. but a 100% says on my mind that the Boys Over Flowers shouldn’t end that way! hanging on their shoulders? at the beach? how boring, actually.

  • Anonymous says:

    there’s too many to happened which isnt happening yet like
    1)jan di didnt answer the proposal of jun pyo
    2)they didnt get married yet
    3)what happened to jan di’s family
    4)will jan di graduate medical school
    5)what will happen to ji hoo?will he find another girl?
    6)whats the love story of woo bin?
    7)yi jeong and ga eul havent kissed yet
    8)will yi jeong and ga eul get married too?
    9)will jun pyo learn to swim?
    10)will jan di ever swim again?
    11)why did jun pyo’s father become suddenly better after a comatose?
    12)where did woo bin go all of the f3 ment abroad?
    13)will yi jeong and ga eul finally go on a real date?not a pretend one…

    you see there are a lot to come so make a season 2 pls……

  • Rhianniee says:

    To the person above (:

    Jun Pyo already learnt to swim
    after the episode where jan di had cramp
    and was drowning in the ocean and Ji Hoo saved
    her, he decided he wanted to be the one
    that could save her and that he didnt
    want anyone else to lay a finger on her.

    But i agree with the rest, there is too much that needs to happen, so they cant possibly end it there. I really want to see Jan Di and Jun Pyo get married. I bet that witch wants to get in the way of that too.

    I love BBF :D
    & i lovee Lee Min Ho <3

    sana may ibang palabas na sila ulit ung cast
    sana meroooooooooooooon n mgkksma cla lhat mga major casttttt
    woooooooooooo :((((((((((((((((
    SEASON 22222222222222222222222

  • icecreamgrl44 says:

    rn’t they creating another movie w/ the same cast? but the main grl character is gonna be the girl who plays ga eul or jandi….idk if its true. can anyone tell me?

  • Anonymous says:

    BBF / F4 Korean is the best version of all F4.
    With all the casts n the story is also the best. In fact, it’s one of the best Korean Drama ever so far ^_^
    I think BBF season 2 is a must…
    Love from Indonesia :)

  • Anonymous says:

    lots of question about bof parts which seems not so completed. Yippy will be in season 2 to continue ep 26 :D I wonder ji hoo continues to wait for her to accept him or will find another new girl? Want to see Jun Pyo and Jan di wedding on the part. When will Bof part 2 be on air in singapore? Can’t wait to watch it!

  • Anonymous says:

    Where do you got the picture ?

  • Anonymous says:

    I want season 2 with Ji hoo and Jan Di Together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

  • Anonymous says:

    I want season 2..I want more..I want to know what will happen to YI Jeong and Ga eul’s relationship..

  • Anonymous says:

    im very exyted 4 the season 2 i love boys before flowers

  • Anonymous says:

    well? it’s already february! when will this be released if this is true?? :/

  • Anonymous says:

    is it released????

  • Just no one says:

    The Taiwanese version had a “special” something, it was about the F4 before they met San Cai.

    The Japanese version had the movie wherein Tsukushi was married to Tsukasa.

    There is a possibility that there is a Season 2 or 3, or some sort of sequel, since the other countries had one and according to Koo Hye Sun’s twitter account (I’m not sure if it really is her, but some sources say it is) there is a season 2, wherein Jun Pyo and Jan Di gets married and they have kids.

    Let’s just keep those fingers crossed.

  • Anonymous says:

    There will be a season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i <3 Boys Over Flowers!!!!! i think that Lee Min Ho played the role of Gu Jun Pyo Perfectly. originaly it was supposed to be Jang Guen Suk (hwang tae kyun from You’re Beautiful)who played the role but he declined.either way the drama was amazing!!! i cant wait till it comes out!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Anonymous says:

    I totally want F4 back!!!!!!the characters are sooo PERFECT!!!!!!everything!!!!!I want SEASON 2 of BOYS OVER FLOWERS!!!!!!(CROSS OUR FINGERS)!!!!I WANT BOF/BBF BACK!!!!!!I WANT THEM BACK REALLY BAD!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    omg thats a joke how bad but still im wonndering dun sa sinabi na jandi didnt say yes so yet di pa sila kinasal

  • Allina says:

    Beautiful lovely heart wrenching spring flowers. Bring smile on the face of your loved one with flowers from Fleur De Lis!

  • Anonymous says:


  • i adore B.O.F it’s the best series i’ve ever seen , there must be another season , i want to see what well happen to kim hyun joong and kim bum and kim joon , i love them so much and if they well make another season , i wish they won’t change the cast and bring them all in the story , cus i’ve heard that they well not bring kim hyun joong , no way that can happen

  • Anonymous says:

    hEy ..

    im fRom phiLippines ..

    – i want sEason 2 of boys ovEr flower ..
    i want to sEe wiLL happen of jan di and jun pyo love life .. i hope, we have season 2 ..
    thanks .. hahaha :D ..

  • I loveLOVE it!
    so did it really come out? im in the US ppl so i have no clue! pls pls pls tell me, and if its true, were can i watch it with english subs?! PLS!

  • Anonymous says:

    Please post the link where it can be watched! ^_^

  • Anonymous says:

    You can watch it on with english subtitles.

    I absolutely loved this series and want more of it. I’m from the US-I’m hooked on Personal Taste and Playful Kiss.

  • Anonymous says:

    lei en you tube q si hay una temprada 2 en el siguiente enlace, pero pues hasta ahorita no he podido tener acceso a DORAMEX, asi q no se como hacerle, o si alguien de ustedes sabe algo al respecto….
    les agradesco y respondan algo

  • karennnn says:

    still hoping! :D
    I miss BOF so badly. :(

  • Anonymous says:

    i wanna see bof season 2 coz i wanna see jan di life agreement with someone i wanna hear news about ga eul and yi jung, ji hoo, and woo bin and i m really excited to see new serial of bof

  • Anonymous says:

    Still hoping and wishing for BOF season 2. 2010 is almost over, so maybe in 2011? Please…I’m dying here!

  • aq says:

    Hahahahaha…….. you should comment to director.. (director dont want award again)

  • Anonymous says:

    i dont think there going to be a season 2

  • Anonymous says:

    im so sad write to the director tear tear making me sad

  • Almost done watching this…. It must be one of the most amazing dramas ever. Pray for a season two… <3


  • Anonymous says:

    semoga boys before flowers season 2 bisa keluar..

  • allen joyce :) says:

    plsss…. i want season 2 !! i want 2 see jun pyo and jan di also ga eul and kim bum … hope 2 see ..

  • allen joyce:) says:

    i always watch bof.. hope 2 see da season 2 …

  • Anonymous says:

    But 2010 is coming to an end.. They say ‘next year february’ which means this year february but there are no news about it. Are there really going to have boys over flowers 2?

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s already 2011, I hope there really is a season 2. :(

  • Anonymous says:

    about a year already, where is the 2nd season of bof ??… seem like f4 and jandi busy with their new dramas .. but NOT BOF Drama …. mmmm :(

  • meghna says:

    ya exactly…..evn m waiting for dat……f4 season 2…….wen vil it cum….waitin for it badly….2 years already passed…..cum fast,,,i hope it comes….

  • Im from Africa and just so the producers and others lknow the viwership is hectic, we went all over the place with my friends just to try and find season 2 and was very dissapointed when there was nothing, its sad that something as relevant as that love story be put to waste nxa!

  • Sab says:

    im from africa just watched boys over intresting and exting..its really very sad that there is no season 2…what a very short ending to a very romantic season..i love it….hpe one day we might just get good news of a season 2…..but evry1 z loving the seson 1

  • i am from india watched boys over flowers loved it very intresting.

  • tanu says:

    it will b nice it it has season 2…

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